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Curriculum Intent   


At Our Lady Mother of the Saviour we have a curriculum that keeps the Gospel Values at the centre of everything we do. Our curriculum is designed to develop the full potential of each child and to prepare them for opportunities, responsibilities, and experiences of adult life. We aim to broaden the range of everyday experiences for our children broadening their horizons and enriching our community.

Knowledge intertwined with skills underpins our curriculum design; we believe that knowledge enables our children to develop and apply skills. We want our children to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and to have an informed understanding of local, national and world issues. Our curriculum design ensures that there is progression of knowledge in each subject across all year groups. What we want children to know is clearly mapped out in our curriculum grids, we believe it is important to give our children lots of well-connected knowledge as it’s the connection between facts that gives understanding and leads to the development of crucial skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. Cross curricular links are made when opportunities naturally arise this helps children to make links between knowledge and skills acquired.

Intelligent repetition of content is built in to our curriculum as we recognise that children need to be able to retrieve core knowledge quickly if they are to use it efficiently. Therefore our curriculum plans in opportunities for content repetition and practise developing children’s procedural memory. Knowledge and skills are assessed both in a formal and informal way; this information is used to inform future planning.

Personal Development   

At Our Lady Mother of the saviour we recognise that emotions and intellect are not contradictory – you need both to be successful. As such we operate an emotional intelligence curriculum for all our children. This curriculum is based on developing key areas: managing feelings, self-esteem, self-awareness and consequences, resilience, communication and empathy. This is delivered through assemblies, PSHE curriculum focus weeks and weekly ‘ME TIME’ sessions in all classes. All children are taught specific strategies to help them to manage their emotions. Supporting our children’s mental health and developing emotional intelligence is something we invest much time and energy in at Our Lady’s – it is a crucial part of our ethos, vision and values as a school family. We aim to educate our children to be emotionally literate and morally responsible.

Learning in a Wide range of Contexts

-Learning outside the classroom is an integral part of our curriculum; this takes place through exploring our local environment, visiting places of interest and enjoying residential activities.

-We have developed an enriched outdoor learning environment within our school grounds.

- We deliver a wide range of extra-curricular activities – e.g. sports, art, gardening, cookery, music; this underpins and enriches the curriculum and the school has strengthened the opportunities for our children by becoming part of the Children’s University.

-Sports funding is well planned for and is targeted to develop teaching skills, promote a healthy lifestyle and allows pupils to be involved in competitive sports.



Further details about our curriculum can be gained by contacting the headteacher Mrs J Ward