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At Our Lady Mother of the Saviour Catholic Primary School, our maths curriculum is designed to empower students with essential life skills. We foster a positive attitude towards maths, emphasising practical application and problem-solving . Through engaging lessons and interactive experiences, we equip students to confidently navigate mathematical challenges in everyday situations and develop strategies that enable them to be confident with numeracy for life. Together, we cultivate numerically literate individuals prepared to excel in the modern world.


Liverpool Counts Quality Mark

Following the success of the Liverpool Reading Quality Mark, we are delighted to announce that we have been accepted onto an exciting project called the Liverpool Counts Quality Mark.

The aim of the project is to promote and foster an awareness of ‘Numeracy For Life’. Our children will be encouraged to develop positive attitudes to Maths, have the opportunity to see Maths in the real world, will be given opportunities to develop their basic skills and will have the chance to see Mathematics in a whole new light.

The award involves lots of exciting maths work and events for the children through the year. Keep an eye on this website and the school newsletter for lots of exciting mathematics news and activities to promote this core subject.